Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So, I Feel Stupid...

...as I mentioned the other day, I got the magnets in the mail that I was waiting for to make all the weapon arms for my Warjacks in Grind interchangeable. I gathered all my tools and sat down to get started. There's only one problem: they're already interchangeable. They use a fairly clever pressure-fit collar so you can pop the arms on and off. It even says on the product page for Grind on the Privateer Press web site (which I looked at several times) that they're interchangeable.


Oh well. I thought about going ahead and magnetizing them anyway, since they require a fair amount of pressure to pop on and off, and it probably won't be real conducive to keeping the paint job in good shape, but I decided against it. Rather, i think I'll use it as an opportunity to test a sealing method I recently heard about - using a high-gloss sealer first for durability, then using a matte sealer to knock down the shine. Many people who paint models that are going to get handled a lot swear by this, and since it's a board game, it's definitely going to get handled more often than pieces I paint for show...

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