Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hello everyone, welcome to Theleadhead.com! This blog is going to serve as a record of my miniature painting & terrain building projects.

A bit of background

I am relatively new to miniature painting - I didn't start until my mid-30's, after a friend convinced me to give Warhammer 40K a try. As I wanted to get a playable army fielded as quickly as possible, I took all the usual shortcuts to get a "tournament quality" army on the table ASAP. However, I quickly realized that I enjoyed the painting as much, if not more, than the actual playing.

I am fortunate enough to have one of the country's largest gaming conventions in my hometown, and the largest gaming convention in the world a few hours away - I have used the Cons to attend teaching seminars by such world-class painters as Thom Schadle, Bethany Gecina, Erin Warfield and others. The works of these painters have inspired me to try to refine my techniques and take my painting to the next level.

While my experience so far has definitely been with Games Workshop's 40K line and I have several thousand points of GW models in my "to do" pile, I am going to make a conscious effort to get outside of my "comfort zone" and try painting a wider range of models from different companies. I will also mix it up and discuss tools, terrain making, and probably even the occasional dungeon crawl recap, board game review, or anything else gaming related that grabs my attention!

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