Thursday, August 12, 2010

Orks: It Begins... I think I've found an Ork list that I'd like to play, and it involves a whole fleet of Battlewagons. The bad part is that to make this legal, you have to use five of the Battlewagons as troop transports - and they can only be used as transports for Nobz, and Nobz can only be used as troops if each unit has it's own Warboss. That comes out to five squads of Nobz, with three Warbosses. (Sorry, two Warbosses - thanks Ginge). The good news is that you can still pick up Nobz & Warbosses pretty cheaply from people who are splitting up Assault on Black Reach starter sets - I figure I can pick up a few on the cheap over the next couple of paydays and get it taken care of. I picked up one of each last week and built them last night:

The Warboss model reminds me how far GW's plastics have come - it looks fantastic and had hardly any gaps that needed filled. I might try some fun conversions on the other Warbosses so they're not all identical. I cut the tabs off of the Nobz and filled the slots in the bases with Green Stuff - I'm hoping to use these bases as masters for casting my own out of resin. (As soon as Hobby Lobby puts out a new 40% coupon, I'll pick up the Alumilite casting kit and get started...)


  1. I presume you mean TWO warbosses, otherwise you have three HQ choices and NOT a legal army. However, with two warbosses making two nob squads troops, then three elite slots taking the rest of your squads, yeah this is do-able. About the only thing I'd advise would be to make it perfectly clear which of your Nobs are troops and which are elites at the start of a game... otherwise in objective missions someone could accuse you of trying to take advantage! :oP

  2. Yep, you're right - I had it in my head that it was three troops/two elites when I wrote that. I plan to designate my elites somehow, but that'll have to wait until I get them assembled & decide on a paint scheme!