Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Freeboota Conversion!

Hey, look at what I got in the mail today:

...a whole mess of Razig weapons from Reaper! And while I still haven't received my Pirate Ork Heads from MAXMINI, I didn't order enough to convert all my Ork Boyz & Nobz (I didn't want to spend that much money) - some of it will be entirely up to me. I decided there was no time like the present, so I grabbed a sprue & a partially-built Ork Boy:

For the arm holding the sword, I grabbed one of the heavy weapon arms - this arm is sculpted with the palm facing upward, since it would usually be supporting the barrel of a grenade launcher. I cut the hand off at the wrist and rotated it ninety degrees before gluing it back on:

For the hand with the gun, I trimmed off the end of the pistol grip that was sticking out of the bottom of the fist, and used my pin vise to drill a hole through the hand:

I bent the handle of the flintlock pistol a bit to make the angle a little better, drilled out the barrel, and glued it in the hole:

Here's the arms with the weapons:

Since the arm with the sword was originally meant to be posed across the Ork's body, I had to shave the profile of the shoulder to make it more straight:

I applied some Green Stuff to the shoulder joint, since I knew it was going to need the gap filled. Then I attached the arm and started smoothing the Green Stuff:

...about this time I decided I didn't like the look of the hand on the sword arm - the palm was open waaay too wide, and the sword was just stuck to his palm - I decided to re-sculpt the hand so it was closed around the handle of the sword. I removed the arm and cut the hand just in front of the sword:

Then I closed the hand around the sword, glued it, applied Green Stuff to the gap, and re-sculpted the fingers:

(Also above - the Razig weapons pack also includes a pirate hat! Perfect!)

I also decided I wanted to make the Ork's boots a little less "combat boot" and more of the cuffed boots people tend to associate with pirates (think "Captain Morgan"). I mixed up some more Green Stuff, flattened it out, wet my X-Acto blade and cut some thin strips:

After trimming the ankles of the model a bit, I applied the strips of Green Stuff, smoothed them, and used the tip of my sculpting tool to "flare out" the cuffs a bit:

(I haven't decided yet if I'm going to trim the metal caps off of the toes of the boots or not). And that's Freeboota #1 out of about, oh, seventy or so...

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