Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More Freeboota Conversions far I'm really enjoying building my Freeboota army.  Here's a couple of the most recent conversions:

The one on the left received a hook from a Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Marauders kit for his choppa, a MaxMini pirate ork head, and a four-barreled flintlock for his slugga.  For the one on the right, I thought the cleaver he was molded with looked "pirate-y" enough to stay.  He also received a MaxMini head and a flintlock pistol.  As an added detail, he received a barrel from a Fantasy Ogre kit on his back:

(He's a pirate, so of course it's full of rum, or something).

Here's another one where I swapped out an entire arm -  I decided to replace this model's axe with a cudgel from a Fantasy kit:

(I have to give credit to WarBossKurgan over at Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum - I saw this conversion in the thread detailing his outstanding Orc Pirates).

I clipped the original arm off with my flat cutters, then cleaned up the cut with my hobby knife.  I also had to "shave" a bit off the new arm to correct the angle.  

Then I glued on the new arm:

The arm is a tiny bit stubbier than the other one, but I'm betting this won't really be noticeable when the model's painted).

For his gun, I took the standard arm:

I chopped the original slugga away from the hand:

I cleaned up & re-shaped the fist a bit with my hobby knife & files (EVERY SINGLE Ork slugga arm is molded with a bit of the gun sticking out between the forefinger & middle finger - I'm getting REALLY tired of trimming & filing that bit over & over).  Then I drilled out the fist with my pin vise.  For the gun, I took a flintlock pistol from a Reaper kit, bent the handle of the pistol to give it a more severe angle (otherwise it would be pointing straight up in the air when the Ork was holding his arm at his side).  I also clipped off the bottom half of the handle, since the swell of the handle would make it a pain to drill out the hand:

...then I glued the gun in his hand:

(I left the bit of the original molded gun sticking out from the bottom of the fist, so it will look like the pistol's grip is longer than it actually is when it's painted).  Then I finished the assembly:

(Sorry I had to prop all these up for the photos - I've been trimming the slots off all these models and haven't bothered basing them, since they're all going to be mounted on resin bases).  

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