Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Terrain the 40K blogosphere is abuzz about a new GW terrain piece, the Witchfate Tor. Tower of Sorcery:

image © Games Workshop

The tower is unique for GW in that it's modular - it comes apart to reveal the different levels, and the level of detail looks great.  I don't play Fantasy (at least not until I talk myself into buying the Island of Blood set) so I have no idea how terrain works in regards to gameplay there, but I thought I'd give my two cents:  It looks fantastic.  Even though the majority of the hobby for me is painting & converting, I am a big fan of interactive terrain pieces - and, while I like scratch-building more than most, if I had the space and money my house would be full of Dwarven Forge and Miniature Building Authority stuff.  (I already have most of the sci-fi pieces that MBA makes, and I know one of these years Dwarven Forge is going to take all of my convention savings in one fell swoop - I've just been trying to hold out until we move into a bigger house and I have a dedicated gaming space).  The GW tower is pricey (no surprise there), but it looks like a big leap forward for them.

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