Monday, November 15, 2010

Resin Bases, Supplies

So I spend the other night scrubbing up - bases, that is:

...this has been on my "to do" list for weeks, and I finally just jumped off the couch one night and finished it.  Not fun, but at least now it's done, the bases can be attached to my Freebootas, and painting can finally begin in earnest.

The only other news is that I had to pick up some supplies:

...given the crazy amount of Green Stuff I've been going through lately, I had to order some more.  This puts me at something like 230 grams for the year (!)  I previously scoffed at everyone who warned me off of buying the "strip" version, but I think I did start to notice some premature curing of the seam towards the end of my last batch - and I was going through it fast.  Unfortunately, I forgot that this stuff is pricey - if anyone knows a good place to get it cheap, let me know...


  1. Do you remember the stuff we got from the sculpting class we took at Origins? Was it ProCreate? I'll have to dig out that sample I never used and double check.

  2. The "Converting Minis" class? I remember you taking it, but I wasn't in it with you.

    There is an epoxy putty called ProCreate (they used to push it pretty hard at the Cool Mini or Not website) - I think the price is on-par with Green Stuff...