Friday, April 15, 2011

A Boatload (heh) of Freebootas!

...see what I did there?

Anyways, I got a whole mess of my Freebootas painted the other day - so many, in fact, they barely fit in my light box:

These Boyz are the rank-and-file, and I painted almost all of them at once (there's still two or three that were still waiting on bitz orders when I started these).  I'm actually really glad I got these out of the way first - while I'm going to have almost as many Nobz, they're going to be done in different color schemes for each unit, and it won't be as tedious to paint them.  Here's some shots of a few at a time:

I went with a basic brown pants / black shirt scheme for these guys.  I wanted my Orks to be a bit less "neon" than the GW examples, so I came up with a recipe for Ork skin:

-Basecoat with Orkhide Shade
-Light drybrush of Goblin Green
-Heavy wash of Thrakka Green
-Light drybrush of a 50/50 mix of Goblin Green & Bleached Bone

I'm pretty happy with the way the skintones came out.  Hopefully a lot of the pirate touches come through in these pics!


  1. The colour choice works for me, toned down, heavier. It makes them look tough. The little details like the hook hands, pegleg and pistols are great, breaking up the shape of the Ork, but without screaming 'pirate' like a lot of freebootaz do. They're battle-worn Orks, and cool and unusual.

  2. Hah! Boadload. I see what you did there.

    Great paint scheme and excellent conversions. I agree with Porky's analysis. Keep up the good work!