Monday, May 2, 2011

Goodbye To The FLGS

So as I briefly mentioned before, my FLGS has closed down.  This is especially a bummer for several reasons: it was the closest game store to my house, it had the friendliest environment of all the stores in town (in my opinion), and the owner was a personal friend of mine.  The good news is that the closing isn't out necessity - the store was operating in the black, but he simply felt that the time he had to invest in the game store vs. the financial return wasn't really worth it anymore.  (He has two young children that he wants to spend more time with, and he hasn't taken a vacation in over five years, so I can't really say that I blame him).  The other good news is that he's going to keep the store's Internet forums active, and the gamers that called the store home are going to try to form an informal club that will occasionally get together for games & tournaments. 

I stopped by a couple of weeks after he made the announcement, only to find him packing stuff away - it seems someone made an offer to buy out the majority of his inventory that he thought was fair, and he said "If there's anything you want to buy, you better get it today").  I picked up a few things that I had my eye on for a while:

A Witchfate Tor. Tower of Sorcery - I've been drooling over this model since it came out, and almost talked myself into it several times, but couldn't really justify it since I'm new to Fantasy, and my Fantasy army is a long-long-term project anyway, but it was still in the store that day, so I grabbed it.

An Ork Boss Snikrot - this model must have come in after I had bought most of the stuff I needed for my Freebootas, as I don't remember seeing it on the shelf before - I wasn't really planning on running him, but the mechanic of Kommandos coming in from any table edge just sounds too cool not to try out.  Now I just have to get some Kommandos...

A Man-O-War Shock Trooper for my Khador Warmachine force - I actually need three of these, but I picked up the only one that was left.

...and a whole stack of White Dwarf back issues.  These were going for 50 cents each, so I grabbed one of every copy he had in stock.

He was also selling off the fixtures & gaming tables - I might have picked up some other items that may make an appearance in the dedicated gameroom that I'll be building someday...

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  1. Sweet pick ups. You will enjoy Snikrot. He makes the Capture & Control (what the interwebs kindly refers to as "the tie mission") very very interesting :)