Thursday, June 2, 2011

Build Party!

Lars4life's better half was out of town for a week, so we got together a couple of times to build some stuff:

I assure you, I know where everything is in that pile!

He's pretty focused on Warmachine at the present time, so I took the opportunity to focus on those models too.  I did manage to finish several models, including my Kodiak warjack:

...and a Butcher of Khardov:

...and what I think is the coolest warcaster in the range, Karchev the Terrible:

...Karchev is a warcaster in warjack armor - kinda the Warmachine equivalent of a Dreadnought.  He's also a tremendous P.I.T.A. to assemble, and has more pins in him than Evel Knievel.  This model has some serious heft to it.  I have a cool addition to this model coming soon, stay tuned...

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