Monday, July 11, 2011

Armorcast Cinematic Effects item I became aware of a while ago were the Cinematic Effects from Armorcast.  Basically, these are sculpted muzzle flashes, smoke plumes, etc., that make your model's wargear look like it's actually functioning.  While it's kind of a neat idea, I wasn't really sold on them because 1.) the larger effects can get kinda pricey, and 2.) I'm an obsessive completest - if I started buying these things and liked 'em, I wouldn't stop until every model in all of my armies had them, and every single one of my models would have fifty dollars worth of accessories attached. :-)

But, one of the units I got in a Craigslist lot was an old unit of metal Stormboyz - and the models were boring.  I really liked the look of the ScrapTech Jump Rocket Blast, and thought it might be a good way to spice up the appearance of the models.  One of the first stops I made in the Adepticon dealer room was the Armorcast booth - I had written down the SKU number and asked for them.  "Sold out", they told me,  "we brought a dozen of 'em, and one guy came and cleaned us out".  That bummed me out, but when I got home I ordered them off the web site and had them a few day later:

As I said, they're kinda pricey ($10.00 per three-pack), but they do look really cool - I don't know how the sculptor was able to get such an "organic" look to these, but they nailed it.

Of course these all needed to be pinned:

I waited until after I had the rocket blasts mounted to attach the models to their bases, since the blasts are long enough that if I mounted the models to their bases flat-footed, they would sit funny.

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  1. I need some.

    I shall be looking to get some soon me thinks.

    Thanks for this.