Friday, July 29, 2011

New Hobby Stuff!

I stopped by the out-of-the-way hobby shop the other day, and picked up some interesting stuff:

As I've mentioned before, this shop is mostly model railroad / scale model / radio-control -oriented, so a lot of times I find some interesting stuff that I don't see at the FLGS.

I grabbed some Vallejo "Liquid Gold" metallic paint:

...this looks like it has a WAY higher metallic content than the Game Color line - I have some ideas for my Grey Knights that this might work for.

Nest, I got some Micro Mask, a liquid masking film for airbrushing:

Since I will be painting the Grey Knights entirely with the airbrush, there are some areas where I think this may come in handy...

I also got some more glue (oooh, exciting!)

...and some Testor's sanding films.  I actually used to use these years ago, when I built model cars as a kid - they're kinda handy, and they last a LOT longer than regular sandpaper - once they get clogged, you can "snap" them and clear out a lot of the dust.  They're also stiffer than sandpaper, so you can cut strips to get into tight places and they won't collapse immediately like paper-backed sandpaper would.

I also got a new .005 Micron pen:

...the one I was using wasn't this small, and the tip was getting kinda smushed anyway.  Stay tuned for write-ups & reviews of all of the above!

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