Friday, August 26, 2011

Board Games: Don Quixote

I found a good deal in the "50% off" bin at Barnes & Noble the other day:

A couple of times a year, Barnes & Noble has a sale to clear out excess inventory - it usually starts at "30% off" and increases 10% every week until the stuff is gone.  The sale usually includes a couple of decent board games, and the guys over at BoardGameGeek usually give a heads up if there are any decent titles - this year, the standouts were Don Quixote and The Adventurers.  I checked the B&N near my work as soon as I heard about the sale, but they were cleared out of board games.  A couple of weeks later, my wife went to meet a friend at a different Barnes & Noble, so I tagged along - I was surprised to find three copies of Don Quixote still in stock at that store!  It's a decent little tile-laying/settlement-building game, and is good for 1-4 players (my wife & I are always on the lookout for board games that are 2-player friendly).  I look forward to trying it out, and at the price I paid it's a welcome addition to my collection...

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