Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Airbrush

...you might recall that in my Aibrushing Guide I gave recommendations for ten or so airbrushes that are commonly used in the "hobby" community - one of the most highly regarded airbrushes is the Badger SOTAR 20/20.  Unfortunately, it's also very expensive, so I figured I'd never get a chance to try one unless I stumbled upon one secondhand - then I got an email from Badger that they were closing out a small number of the SOTAR airbrushes for 75% off.  I decided I couldn't pass up such an opportunity, and after waiting a couple of weeks (apparently some parts were backordered) the postman dropped one off at my door:

I haven't even had a reason to try it out yet - the model they were closing out had the "fine" needle & tip, which is crazy small - I'll probably try to source some "medium" parts to make it less finicky with hobby acrylics.  With this acquisition I'll probably be listing some airbrushes on eBay, too, as I have too many to use at this point...

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