Tuesday, July 23, 2013

League Night #3

The Privateer Press Machinations League rolls on - I missed week #2, and week #3 didn't look promising when I pulled in to the game store - it appeared to be deserted when I pulled in (I'm guessing because of the terrible heat wave we're having here, and the A/C in the game store isn't fantastic).  Luckily after a bit some people started showing up, and Funderhammer and I decided to play a 25-point game (with league play, you get more points for playing a new opponent, playing a new faction, playing at a point level you haven't played at yet, etc).  It had actually been quite a while since we had played each other, and I had a few new models I wanted to try (my Torch warjack and my Great Bears).

Picking a list

Setting Up

Overall, it was a fun game - ironically, I picked almost all of my ranged units in my Khador force, while Funderhammer picked an almost entirely melee Retribution list.  The aforementioned Great Bears charged into combat and were quickly outnumbered:

Lonely Great Bear is Lonely

Surprisingly one model survived the first round of combat, and went on to take out two of the opposing unit before being wiped out.

Happily the Torch did great - after getting locked up in melee the entire game the last time I tried to use him, he got to do everything I wanted him to this time.  In the end it came down to whether I wanted to run The Butcher in for an assassination run on his caster, or try to get his caster with the Torch's spray template.  The Butcher was getting dinged by feedback every round, so I took the free strikes and was able to get his caster under my template - with The Butcher's feat and a focus boost, Torch did D4 damage and came away with the win! 

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