Tuesday, July 9, 2013

League Night

...so lars4life is the Pressganger at our local game store, and has been running events for a while - I've been meaning to get to some of them, but my graveyard-shift job makes it difficult.  I decided to wake up early and try playing in the Machinations: Entropy league.

After meeting everyone, a player named Matt asked if I wanted to get in a game. I warned him that I hadn't played much, as I was primarily in it for the painting & modelling - if he was willing to put up with me stumbling through the rules, I'd be happy to play.  It turns out that he was playing a new army for the first time, so he didn't mind.  After setting up terrain, we got down to it.

Matt was playing a Cryx army - I used my typical strategy of running everything across the board, since Khador is slow as molasses.  There were some weird lanes to be dealt with and a lot of back-and-forth - the Cryx were pretty fragile until Matt popped his feat - then they got downright nasty.  This was the first time I had tried to play with my Torch warjack, but Matt tied it up with Death Chill, so it didn't get to do much of anything.  My Gun Carriage was effective, but I actually overshot most of his army and he moved them down the left flank behind cover, out of harm's way.  In the end, all I had left was The Butcher, but I had his caster down to one point. In the end, I just couldn't get close enough for an assassination run, since my caster was stuck in melee across the board.  (I probably popped my feat a round too soon - The Butcher is tough-as-nails, but I still get nervous when he's in melee).  The few troops he had left chipped away at him until he was dead.  Overall, I had a good time - Matt was nice enough to put up with my weak grasp of the rules (I'm sure he could have taken me apart in short order if he felt like it) and in the end, he said he didn't really notice any big errors in strategy on my part, which was good to hear. I'll be back for more next week...

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