Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rustoleum Plastic Primer

In the previous post, when I primed my Heavy Warjack kit I was trying out a new primer - Rustoleum Plastic Primer:

I usually use Duplicolor primer - I finally ran out for the first time since I moved last year, and wasn't sure where to buy it in my new neighborhood.  However, there is an Autozone right around the corner from our new house - I stopped in to buy a taillight bulb, and they had a sale on primer, so I grabbed a few cans:

The good:  The primer has low odor, and the smell dissipates quickly.

The bad: this primer takes forever to cure.  I let it cure for four or five hours, at which time I had to move the parts of the model - even after that amount of time, touching the pieces left some fingerprints that I had to touch up later:

Overall, I'd have to say that if odor is a huge factor for you, then it might be worth a look - but I'll be going back to the Duplicolor primer once I run out of this.

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