Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dwarfs Part VII: Cannon

At some point I came into possession of a Dwarf cannon crew, but there was no cannon to go with them.  I started searching around eBay, and came across one that looked pretty cool from a seller in Russia:

Auction listing pic - Not my work!

It took a few weeks to get here, but the price was right - I was surprised when I opened the package:

It looks like a kid's cereal box toy - it even comes with spring-launched missiles!  Regardless, it's not a bad likeness, and the scale looks good.  Guess I'll grab the instructions and put it together:

Uhhh, does anyone read Russian?

Anyways, I puzzled through it.  I didn't use any dip on this model, opting instead for weathering powders.  While I wasn't going for "competition quality" while I was doing it, I noticed that Secret Weapon Miniatures was having a contest specifically geared towards the use of weathering powders - I went ahead and entered it, even though this was only the 2nd or 3rd time I'd tried working with them.  I didn't win, but they featured the model on their Facebook page I heard some nice comments!

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