Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Adepticon 2014 Recap - Part II


Saturday at Adepticon turned out to be mostly a social day - we spent most of the day wandering around, meeting people, reconnecting with friends, and generally hanging out.  One of the first things we checked out was the Warhammer Fantasy hall, which had some amazing display boards:

Out in the hallway, we met James Wappel and his amazing Imperial Guard display:

Next, we went to the display cases to check out some of the awesome Crystal Brush entries:

Next, I made another run at the vendor hall.  One of the things I was thrilled to find were these paint & brush racks from Ironheart Artisans:

I've been looking for something similar to these for a while, ever since I saw the very cool ones made by CNC Workshop, but the problem is that they're in Australia - which means the cost of shipping the items is actually more than the cost of the items themselves.  These paint racks are very similar, for a fraction of the cost.  I wanted a paintbrush rack ever since I saw the ones from Games & Gears, but those are hardwood, very expensive, and (again) ship from overseas - this is a very similar item for a much lower price!

Another cool thing that Ironheart Artisans was doing was to sell commonly needed items for a lot of the classes at Adepticon - Raphael brushes, hobby supplies, etc.  (I've needed to buy a brush at Adepticon before, and it's INCREDIBLY frustrating to be AT A MINIATURE GAMING CONVENTION and nobody is selling brushes.  One of the items they had that I've meaning to pick up forever (but always manage to forget while I'm at the art supply store) was a small color wheel:

Next, I stopped by the Cool Mini or Not booth and picked up some of the Instant Mold that I've been meaning to try:

I also swung by the merch booth and picked up the requisite t-shirt:

When I met back up with my friends, they presented me with a gift (Saturday was actually my birthday) - a Kossite Woodsman unit!

Next we went foraging for food - we happened upon a burger joint called Tom & Eddies, and it was fantastic.  After dinner we headed back to the hotel to unload our purch
ases and unwind.


Sunday I woke up early and headed over to my last class, Airbrushing Miniatures with misterjustin from Secret Weapon Miniatures:

Although it makes for a lousy pic, this was actually a pretty good seat to have for the class - I was able to see over Justin's shoulder for a great view while he was working!

I have to say, when I first decided to try airbrushing, I think I took three different classes at conventions about the subject, and to be blunt, they all sucked to varying degrees.  In the long run I wound up puzzling through it by myself, making a lot of mistakes, and wasting a lot of money - I really wish I had taken Justin's class first, because it was excellent.  He presented pretty much everything you would want to know about airbrushes, paints, additives, safety, and some basic techniques.  (It was also more than little validating that a lot of what he taught in the class lined up really closely with the airbrushing guide I wrote a few years ago).

After the class, I went back to the hotel to eat breakfast and start packing up.  After lars4life and I loaded up the car (which was substantially more full than when we left) we made one last run through the vendor hall, but I couldn't find anything that I couldn't live without (even though the guys at the Black Library booth tried their best to relieve me of my last few dollars).  We headed home, another Adepticon in the bag!

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