Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dwarfs Part IX: Gyrocopter

...the next thing I decided I needed for my Dwarf army was a standout "centerpiece" model - one that I could heavily convert, try to do a great paint job on, and would generally keep the army from looking like just a big mass of troops.  It would also help if it was a model that was popular in Dwarf lists.  My first thought was Dwarf High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer:

Image from Games Workshop

...but, as I said before, cost is a big factor in building this army - I looked around the usually places, but there were no cheap used versions of this model available.  The only other model that really appealed to me was the Gyrocopter:

Image from Games Workshop

Looking for a cheap version of this model also proved tough - even pretty busted-up ones were going for a significant chunk of change on eBay.  I finally won an auction for one that was missing as many parts as were there:

Pic from auction listing

I waited for it to get here and hoped for the best.

Once the model arrived, I saw how bad it was:

Yikes.  No rotors.  No gun.  No tail stabilizer.  Busted landing skids.  Dried-up clots of superglue everywhere.  Doesn't even look like it was ever cleaned properly.

I chipped off the excess glue the best I could, grabbed my plasticard & Green Stuff, and got to work.  First order of business was to replace the missing tail stabilizer:

Next: I reconstructed some struts for the landing skids using styrene tubing:

Tying in the rear stabilizer & customizing an exhaust port:

Next, I needed to replace the main gun - I grabbed a ship's cannon I had in my bitz box from a Reaper Razig weapons pack, but it was too big - so, I cut it down, re-sculpted it, and added a mounting point:

Next up - building the blade assembly!


  1. Great way to make it work. Looking forward to the completed model. I feel your pain about the condiditon of the model when it arrived. You know when you go in, that buying a 'fixer upper" lot of used models can be a challenge but cheap is cheap. Until you get that one lot that the previuos owner used rubber cement to hold the models together, glued the wrong parts in the wrong places and put on so much paint it is easier to peel the paint off before you drop it in the simple green.


  2. Going to be worth all the effort in the end. No one will have one that looks like yours.