Thursday, August 26, 2010

More Ork Vehicles

Not too much going on here - still assembling the vehicles out of the Ork lot I mentioned earlier. The latest ones finished were a mostly-assembled Warbuggy & Wartrukk:

The Warbuggy was missing the stand for the gun, so I kludged something together out of some bits of sprue:

This doesn't look nearly as good compared to the way GW intended, and I had to trim the grips off of the gun to make it fit. regardless, I wasn't motivated to spend a ton of time on this model, as I don't really care for it that much, and it doesn't fit into the army list I'm building anyway.

The Wartrukk, fortunately, was complete:

Unfortunately, it required tons of fiddly work with Green Stuff to make it look halfway decent - whoever did the initial assembly apparently hacked the parts off of the sprue with a rusty butter knife, leaving divots in the body panels that I had to spend a lot of time filling & sanding. (Just like the '78 Pontiac I had back in high school...) The fit of the driver was abysmal, and the shoulder joints required excessive work. The only good thing was this was one of the few GW vehicle kits I've built where getting the driver/seat/steering assemblies all lined up wasn't a complete nightmare. It's a shame they discontinued this model - while the new Trukk is great, this one offers a great platform for personalizing/converting for a theme army. (Hint, hint...)

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