Friday, August 27, 2010

Ork Trukk

Got an Ork Trukk put together today:

HOLY %&#@$% this thing was a pain to assemble. The entire cockpit/driver/gunner set up was a nightmare, and the diagrams included with the kit were lousy. I think I broke the rollbars off three or four times while assembling it. On the plus side, it required hardly any gap filling - just the driver's shoulders (par for the course with any GW Ork vehicle) and the big exhaust stack. I was afraid it was going to look like a mess when I was done, but by the time I got it all together, filled the gaps, filed the flash, and drilled all the gun barrels/exhaust pipes, it came out pretty nice.

As I hinted at in my last post, I've decided the do my Orks as a "theme" army - I just ordered most of the bits I'll need, and will post pics and reveal the theme soon...


  1. Agree that some of the diagrams weren't too helpful, but mine went together pretty easily. Maybe b/c I made an enclosed cab so didn't fool with the crew.

  2. Good thing about orks is if you screw up the model you make it look more orky!

  3. Heh: