Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ork Deffkoptas

Got a set of Deffkoptas finished:

These are the Deffkoptas from the Assault on Black Reach boxed set. I'm a little torn about these models - they look great and are dead simple to put together - the entire model is only five pieces. And, the individual metal Deffkopta models from Games Workshop are $33 apiece - meaning that these three models are worth the price of the box set alone, and everything else is gravy. (Although the metal model is considerable more "orky" looking, if that's a factor). The downside is that the main part of the model is cast as two halves that snap together, which leaves a huge, ugly seam bisecting the entire perimeter of the model:

You could almost play it off like it was part of the design, but I thought it looked lousy and am far too OCD to leave it as-is, so it required extensive amounts of Green Stuff and filing. I'm tempted to order some more of these from one of the bitz sellers on eBay just 'cause they're such a good deal, but if they're all going to be this much work I think I'll pass...

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