Monday, August 2, 2010

Restocking Supplies, Librarian

Not much new today - I ran to the store and restocked some supplies, after last week's clearcoat-and-primer marathon:

(I picked up the basing sand on a whim - it was only $1.99 a bag at the craft store). I have a small container full of play sand in my terrain-building box, but I've been using the Woodland Scenics medium ballast on most of my bases for a while now. I'm thinking of trying something new for my Orks, which may involve casting my own resin bases. Stay tuned.

I also laid down the very beginnings of a basecoat on my last unfinished Ultramarine model, the chapter librarian:

(Yeah, he's got a ways to go...)

I'll be at GenCon this weekend - check back for photos & trip reports!

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