Sunday, August 1, 2010

Updates: Space Hulk

So the last time I worked on my copy of Space Hulk, I assembled & de-flashed the minis, and started the Green Stuff work. Since I can finally see the light and the end of the tunnel with my Ultramarines (only the librarian is left), I decided to get back to it.

There were relatively few models that needed any green stuff at all - the 'nids only needed it because the top & bottom halves didn't snap together completely, and you could see daylight between the gap. Most of the Marines were probably just me being picky, with the exception of Sergeant Lorenzo - for some unknown reason, they saw fit to cast his cape in two halves, which meant it required pretty extensive work. Since we were supposed to get another week of record temperatures stating tomorrow, I was determined to get everything primered today:

My original plan was to prime the Marines in white and the 'nids in black, but my can of white ran out halfway through the Marines, so I guess I'll find out what it's like to paint black-primed Marines...

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