Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ork Biker Freebootas, Pt. 1

The first step in "pirate-ifying" my Ork Warbikers is to change the emblems - the bikers were already built when I got them, and the previous owner built them with Evil Suns icons on the front & at the top of the antennas:

The first thing I did was to clip off the emblems from the antennas:

...then I took some balls of Green Stuff I had made a few days previously (I stuck them down to a piece of tape while they were drying, so they wouldn't roll away):

I took my pin vise and drilled halfway through the balls - I realized after the first couple that there was a small "flat spot" on each one where they had sat while drying, and it was easier to keep the hole centered if I drilled there:

...then I topped the antennas with them:

Even drilling on the flat spot, it was tricky to keep the balls centered - I re-shaped the profile of a few of them with my files:

The next step was to remove the insignia from the front of the bikes - while I could have done this with a lot of slow work with my hobby knife & files, I opted to fire up my new rotary tool to make short work of it:

The "de-insignia'ed" bikers:

...even though the rotary tool gives pretty good results, I still needed to clean up the bikes a bit with my files to level the spot off:

To replace the insignia with something suitable for Freebootas, I went with the skulls I made using my homemade Green Stuff press molds:

...and here are all the bikers with their new insignia:

(click to embiggen) I be working on some details for the antenna finials and another suitably "pirate-y" touch...

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