Monday, November 8, 2010

Freeboota-ifying A BattleWagon as I mentioned last time, I felt I needed to add some pirate touches to my first Battlewagon:

The first touch was easy enough - I gave the Ork operating the Lifta Droppa one of the MaxMini pirate Ork heads:

The next thing I turned my attention to was the back - there was a big, open area.  Obviously it was sculpted that way because it makes sense (troops need to get in & out), but visually, it just looked like a big empty spot to me.  It needed a "pirate-y" touch - and what's more pirate-y than a CANNON?!?

These were deck guns I found on eBay - I assume they were aimed at historical/naval wargamers, and the creator had no idea about my nefarious intentions.  The main issue:  these sculpts were uuuuugly - they were more of a "vaugely cannon-shaped blob of metal" than anything.  I spent a ton of time scraping & filing to clean them up.  Once it was in a decent state, I drilled out the barrel and glued it into the rear of the Battlewagon:

Keeping with the "nautical" theme, I got out one of my Razig weapon packs from Reaper, because I remembered that they included an anchor:

I cut the anchor off the sprue along with a length of chain from the other sprue.  I filed one side of the anchor down flat, so it would sit flush against the side of the Battlewagon.  I picked and appropriate spot and glued it down:

Then I simply bent the chain over the the lip of the opening:

Fluff-wise, I'd say the anchor is used for... umm... hey, why don't you SHUT UP ALREADY?!?  (If you're actually asking me to justify the technology of giant green asexual space-monsters that dress like extras from an Errol Flynn movie, you're probably thinking a bit too hard about it.)   ;-)

Next, I went looking for spots to put some of the custom armor plates that I made - there was a pretty obvious space right up front:

I also added some of the small skulls that I molded from the Trukk kit's hood ornament to the doors:

I also eventually plan to convert some Gretchin and have them hanging off the sides, loading cannons, etc.

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  1. The Cannon is a nice touch, and the anchor needs no explanation.