Sunday, November 7, 2010

Battle Report: Ultramarines vs. Red Scorpions

So lars4life & I managed to get out to our local shop yesterday and play a game - his Red Scorpions vs. my Ultramarines:

...since I'm a n00b when it comes to actually playing 40k, and he hasn't played a proper came in years, we didn't really worry about following the force organization chart or using any particular list - we just picked  identical units (1 tac squad, 1 terminator squad, and a dreadnaught) and started playing, mainly to work out the rules.  We spent half the game with our noses in the rulebooks, and had to call someone over for a ruling at one point, but it was a lot of fun - I've been wanting to play at the store for some time, but was kind of hesitant since I don't have much experience.  Needless to say, all they guys at the shop were friendly, and I even got a compliment on my Ultramarines' paint job.  I actually won the game, but this was mainly because 1) lars4life was playing his Red Scorpions as vanilla marines, and wasn't using any special characters, 2) he was plagued by lousy dice rolls when trying to bring in his reserves, and couldn't bring his Terminators in until round 3, and 3) we weren't really trying to use any tactics or strategy - we just ran in to combat so we could start working out the rules.  I have no doubt he could wipe the table with me if he was trying at all.

We're planning on playing again (and maybe one of us will remember to bring a camera next time, instead of using a crappy cellphone camera), and one of the guys at the shop was telling us about an upcoming tournament, as well as a campaign that is starting in January...

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  1. It was a lot of fun, and yes we will need to remember cameras next time...