Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Tree Topper

There was some interest in my Christmas tree topper that was posted yesterday, so I thought I'd provide some details - it's simply made out of foamcore board, and I hot-glued electroluminescent cable around the perimeter.  (Search eBay for "EL cable" or "EL wire" if you want electroluminescent cable).  Here's some pics:


  1. Some interest? There was bucket loads of interest!

    It's the craziest thing I have seen for ages. My concession to the hobby at Christmas time is asking people to buy me more toys.

    Yours is to hand craft an Omega and set it atop your Christmas tree.

    Sir, you're awesome!

  2. hahahaha! AMAZING!!

    Nice job ;D

  3. Thanks guys, glad you liked it. :-) I also made a trip to the Hallmark store today, because they put all their ornaments on clearance - I bought all the Star Trek & Star Wars ones they had left. So, I think from now on we're going to have the "nerd tree" and the "regular tree"...