Monday, December 27, 2010

Great News From The Black Library

As I mentioned previously, my awesome wife got me a Nook Color e-reader for Christmas.  While the Black Library has some e-books available, to be honest a lot of the 40K fiction has been hit-and-miss with me.  One notable exception is the Horus Heresy series, which I've begun reading, and think is fantastic.  The one thing that bummed me out: they weren't all available as e-books - the first two were, and the most recent one, and then one or two others somewhere in the middle of the series.  I thought it would be a drag to have to wait for all of them to come out in electronic format, or to have some as hard copies and some as e-books.  Well, on Christmas Eve I opened my email and saw the following message:

"If you're lucky enough to get an eReader for Christmas, then make sure its fully loaded with action. Your favourite Black Library books, including the entire Horus Heresy series, are now available to download as eBooks."

Sweet!  it looks like my leisure reading is taken care of for the next couple of months... 

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