Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ork Big Mek

I finished up an Ork Big Mek:

This was an all-metal model.  When I first started buying Orks I didn't really have any intention of building one of these, but as I started looking at list builds, you'd be crazy not to.  Since the model has such a stout mounting peg on the right foot, I decided to go ahead and mount him on his resin base from the start:

The included GW base vs. the Iron Halo resin base

 Drilling a hole for the mounting peg w/ a pin vise


Body mounted

Kustom Force Field & head attached

 Arm attached

There was lots of flash to be filed, but relatively little Green Stuff work needed - just the cable that goes from the hand controller to the Kustom Force Field / backpack.  overall there will probably be little "Freeboota-fying" done to this model - as with my Painboy, I hate to mess with such a beautiful sculpt, so I'll rely on the base and the paint scheme to tie this model in with the rest of the army...

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