Friday, December 17, 2010

Ork in Mega-Armour

Built an Ork in Mega-Armour today:

 What's in the kit

 After de-flashing & a good scrubbing

 I forgot to bring a Freeboota base, so I had to mount him on the included base temporarily

Left arm & jaw attached


As with my other Ork metal models, this one probably won't receive a full on "Freeboota" conversion. besides the custom base & paint scheme.  Honestly, I bought this model right before I decided to build a theme army, and I don't even know if he's going to see any playing time in my final list...


  1. Ork mega-armour is a lot of fun. When it first appeared in the rules it was almost too good to believe, and even the original models looked great. In list terms of course, I'd prefer to have squads of skarboyz wearing it instead of nobz only!

  2. hey there. Good to see there is still plenty of love for orks going around!

    Great blog, I'm following with interest.


  3. Porky - yeah, it's a great model - even if it doesn't make it into my regular list, I'm glad to have it around!

    Smurf - there will be a LOT of Orks showing up here in the very near future. Stay tuned!

  4. Love the model, You can also use WHFB black orks for them just change the shield hand to a shoota/combi weapon, cheeper too.