Monday, December 13, 2010

Forge World Goodness

Got a Forge World order in the mail today - first up is some etched brass Ork glyphs:

...lots of people gripe about the cost of Forge World products (and rightfully so if you actually buy their models), but in my book their etched brass is a great deal - the above sheet contains enough pieces to add cool details to over a dozen vehicles & a few dozen troops, with some left over.  Trust me, I've made my own custom embellishments before and, while it can be fun to do, it's a time-consuming process.  These speed things up considerably.

Next is some Ork glyphs, plates, and doors:

These are mainly for some scratch-building projects I have in mind - there are a few larger projects I have in mind, and while Orky stuff is pretty easy to build (it's supposed to look like crap, remember?) the doors & such are a bit too fiddly to bother with, when I can just buy a big mess 'o them for ten bucks.

Next are some Forge World weathering powders:

I've been wanting to try my hand at weathering powders for a while now, and almost talked myself into buying the whole set, but I decided to just pick up a few at first to give them a try.  I'll post a write-up of my experience with these sometime soon...

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  1. "it's supposed to look like crap, remember?"

    We can't let them forget!

    Looking forward to anything about any of those projects, especially the scratch-building.