Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Battlewagon #3

I finished up the third Battlewagon the other day:

I didn't have as many fitment issues as I did with the last one, with one exception - I couldn't get the "interior wall" to line up quite right.  I wasn't that concerned about it, since it can hardly be seen once the model is finished.  But, it turns out that it makes a big difference in how the back of the roof fits.  I wrestled with it for quite a while and managed to get it pretty close, but in the end I wound up disguising the uglier gaps with some armor plates & rivets made of plasticard:

Another interesting development:  GW apparently felt inclined to include an extra sprue along with this model:

...I actually did a double-take when I finished building the model, and had to compare it to my other Battlewagons to be 100% sure that I hadn't lost my mind and forgot to build a large section.  Nope, it's just an extra... I guess I'll appreciate having some extra bitz for the future, but I feel bad if there's someone out there who got shorted a sprue in their box...


  1. You solved the mismatch just the same way a proper mekboy would!

  2. Yep, push it hard enough until it fits :D