Friday, January 7, 2011

Finished: Freeboota Bases

I got the Freeboota bases finished & sealed the other day:

As I mentioned before, the Iron Halo resin inserts were primed white and glued into "Dark Age" -style bases.  The bases were given a thick wash with a 50/50 mix of Formula P3 Brown & Yellow inks.  The lips of the bases were painted with Vallejo Model Color Brass, and the nailheads were dotted with GW Mithril Silver.  I then gave the bases a very light brushing with the ink wash again, just to knock down the brightness of the Mithril Silver a bit.

Now I've got a LOT of Orks to mount...


  1. That's a cool concept, very apt. Good luck with the mounting. Put on some music and it'll fly by - maybe some sea shanties?

  2. Heh, sea shanties - I like that idea. "What do you do with a drunken 'boota..."