Friday, January 28, 2011

Black Templar Neophytes

Finished building some Space Marine Scouts today - these guys will serve as the Neophytes in the Crusader Squads for the Black Templars army I recently bought:

For the base models, I simply ordered some plain Space Marine scouts along with a bitz order I recently placed.  One problem is that the Templars have their guns chained to the arms, as shown in this pic of the chapter upgrade sprue:

...I had bought some Black Templar weapon arms, but I had mainly planned to use them for my Initiates - plus, I didn't know if the scale would look right.  I decided to try to replicate the look myself.

First, I shaved all the icons off of the Scouts' wrists:

Then I mixed up some Green Stuff, spread it out thin, and cut some strips:

And I used it to make some manacles:

Next, I dug out the Reaper bitz that I bought to build my Freebootas - specifically, I was interested in these chains:

I used my side cutters to trim one side of the chains, so they would lay flat easier:

...then I wrapped them around the guns and glued them in place:

A couple of the Scouts received some bitz from the chapter upgrade sprue:

For their should pads, I used some etched brass Black Templar emblems from Forge World:

 (One trick that lars4life & I figured out was using a pencil eraser to bend the etched brass to conform to curves).

After they all had the icons, I snapped them off their bases - I was only using them temporarily:

I'm going to base this army on the "urban wasteland" bases that I made in my "Casting Resin Bases" tutorial:

To start, I drilled out the feet of all the Scouts and inserted a short piece of brass wire:

Then I drilled the corresponding holes on the bases and glued the models down:

...and these guys are ready for primer!

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  1. What a great step-by-step writeup! These guys look fantastic, and your conversion work has made them even better. Can't wait to see them painted up.