Saturday, December 11, 2010

Score! I've mentioned before, I'd really like to do a Black Templars army someday.  Well, I was perusing Craigslist a couple of weeks ago and fell into the following deal:

All-in-all I got:

- 1 Emperor's Champion
- 1 Land Speeder
- 1 Sword Bretheren Assault Squad
- 3 Dreadnoughts
- 3 Captains
- 19 Terminators
- 52 Tactical Marines
-Black Templars codex

I haven't done a proper point tally yet, but I believe it's around 1700 points, and retail it would be over $600 worth of models (although the Dreadnoughts & many of the tactical Marines appear to be taken from the Assault on Black Reach box).  I'm not one to deal-and-tell, but let's just say I got it for considerably less - as in, somewhere around 7 cents a point.  :-)

While they're already painted as Templars, I still plan on stripping them, adding the chapter-specific bits, and repainting them.  (Theoretically this should be easy - I'll just splurge on a couple cans of GW Chaos Black spray, and call the basecoat done). Although the Templar bits would cost a fortune if I were to use the GW Chapter Upgrade, I don't even want half of the bits in that kit, and I would need to buy at least five or six of them for the whole army.  A quick look on eBay reveals over a hundred auctions for Black Templar bits, at a very reasonable price - if I go with one of the bitz sellers I frequent that offers combined shipping rates, I should be able to get all the parts I need for less than the cost of one of the "official" kits.  I also plan to base these on the custom-made resin bases that I already casted, so hopefully it will be a great-looking army at a bargain price...

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