Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Army Transport Case! once a year at work, we're able to convert our unused sick time into pay (at a reduced rate).  While I usually use this money to pay for my Christmas shopping, I worked a TON of overtime in November & December, so this wasn't really necessary - I toyed with placing a large Forge World order, but, in the end, I used the money to pay off some bills.  (Bummer, huh?)  However, I did allow myself to splurge on one thing:'s a Sabol Designs "Division" case - it holds three stacks of figure foam side-by-side, 8-3/4" deep.  I also ordered some spare 4" deep trays, since I think each of my Battlewagons is going to need one dedicated to it - I think I might actually have to order another one of their cases, without foam, just for my Ork vehicles.

I also ordered a few of their "Paint Storage" trays - I need to do some test fitting, but I suspect I can fit these trays into the desktop drawers that I store my paints in, so I'll be able to just pop 'em into my case when I want to take them with me...


  1. Wow that's a lot of foam! Glad to hear you treated yourself to something nice after working so much overtime. I'm sure your Orks will thank you for it.

  2. Papa JJ -

    It is a LOT of foam - I can fit 2500 points of Space Marines in a standard "small" army transport with room to spare, but the Ork horde demands more!

    I'm loving the frogs you're working on, BTW!

  3. Nice case! Get two. The kult of speed needs lots of vehicles!