Friday, January 14, 2011

Deff Dread

Finished building a Deff Dread the other day:

...this was a metal model that came from a lot that I bought from Craigslist a while ago.  This was how I bought it:

I did quite a bit of filing & cleaning, then put it together - I also added a piece of Forge World Brass on the front:

I also didn't care for how "empty" the front looked - the new plastic Deff Dread & Killa Kan models have much more detailed "teeth" sculpted on the front.  I took some bits of plasticard and fashioned an "upper jaw" that would work with the one on the model:

Test fitting

Then I added some of my rivets:

...originally when I built the model I couldn't find the eyepiece, and adapted one of the searchlights - I dug through my bitz box and eventually found the eyepiece:

I've gotta say, after building both the metal & plastic versions of the Dreads & Kans, the plastic versions are waaaay nicer to work with...

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