Monday, February 28, 2011

Another Termie Re-Pose

I worked on another Terminator for my Black Templars today - I'm doing my best to make a squad of dynamic-looking Assault Terminators out of the dull-as-dishwater Assault on Black Reach Terminator sprues.  This one will be a lot more subtle than the last one - unfortunately, that doesn't mean it's less work, as you'll see...

Here's my starting point, an AoBR Terminator:

After basic assembly, I cut off the right leg:

Then I cut the left leg at the knee:

I trimmed the left leg and jammed a bunch of Green Stuff in there for the time being:

I set the legs in place with Green Stuff, then let it get a bit tacky so I could play with the pose:

Then I started refining the re-sculpting of the legs a bit:

I pre-assembled the left arm, Forge World shoulderpad, & Storm Shield, since I knew space was going to be tight due to the pose:


The I added a Black Templars Terminator crest:

Then I played with the pose until i got it where I wanted it:

The new pose actually takes advantage of the Dragon Forge base, with the Terminator having his feet on different levels:

Final assembly:

It still needs a bit of sanding after the Green Stuff fully cures, but here's the mostly finished product:'s actually a very subtle change, and mostly only noticeably different from the originals when it's side-by-side with them, but I think it makes a big difference...


  1. These re-poses are great! They really bring the bland AoBR terminators to life.

  2. Thanks Chaosheade! Just trying to prove that gaming on a budget doesn't mean your army has to be dull!

  3. Score one point for budget gaming =)