Friday, February 18, 2011

First Assault Terminator I've been gathering bits for my Black Templars - most of the models in the lot that I bought were actually from the Assault on Black Reach set, so they didn't include a lot of the weapon options I would have liked.  also, since I saved so much money on the models themselves, I decided to outfit them with all the Black Templar goodies - but, the GW Chapter Upgrade Pack is expensive, and seems to include lots of bits that you don't need a lot of, and not many of the bits that you do need a lot of - so, I decided to buy what I wanted "a la carte" from the bitz sellers.  On top of all that, I don't seem to be able to build a model lately without lots of Forge World or other resin geegaws, so I had to wait for those to get here too.  Needless to say, once I finally had everything in hand, I was anxious to assemble an Assault Terminator with all the various goodies.

I started with a AoBR Terminator model, still on the sprue:

The additional bits its going to receive are:

-A Black Templars Terminator crest:

-A Thunder Hammer:

-A set of resin Black Templars shoulderpads & a resin Storm Shield from Forge World:

...about the time I got the Forge World Storm Shields in the mail, I realized that I didn't have any of the shield arms for the Terminators.  D'oh!  I went looking online and unfortunately it didn't seem like anyone sold them without the Storm Shields, and those were pricey.  I finally found some Space Wolf arms & Storm Shields on eBay for much cheaper:

Luckily, there is little in the way of Space Wolves iconography on the arms themselves that needs to be removed; one arm has a fur tassel hanging from the power line, and another has a rune at the wrist - I think that's about it.

(BTW, why are the Space Wolf Storm Shields so much cheaper?  Are assault termies not a popular option for Wolf players?  (I don't really know much about Space Wolves...)

Anyway, nothing complicated on this particular model - here's the assembly:

Basic assembly:

I had to clip the "pegs" off of the torso, since I'm not using the "press-fit" arms from the AoBR box:
Adding the Thunder Hammer:

Shoulder pads:

Terminator crest:

 Storm Shield:

I'm using Dragon Forge Designs "Broken Wasteland" 40mm bases for these Termies:

Pinning for the base:

Just a couple spots of Green Stuff work needed on this model - here, at the Storm Shield power cable connection:

...and here at the shoulder pad:


...I'm pretty pleased with the result - the Assault Terminators are probably going to get the most love out of all my Terminator squads for this army, just 'cause I think they're cool.  This will also probably be the only Terminator in this squad that isn't going to be converted into new pose, so stay tuned for those...


  1. TH&SS terminators are 63 points in the space wolf codex, also COMBI-MELTAS!

  2. Man those FW pieces really make these models pop. It still amazes me what a great deal the Black Reach Terminators can be, especially with a little creativity!

  3. They really do - and I did a cost breakdown, after all the FW bits & resin bases, I'm still a few bucks under the price of a box of vanilla Terminators. I did have to do a lot of re-posing to get a dynamic looking unit, but conversions are one of my favorite parts of the hobby...