Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Resin Goodness! I mentioned before, I'm basing my Black Templars on the "urban wasteland" -style bases that I made in my resin casting tutorial.  The problem was, I only made 25mm bases, and this army is going to have several squads of Terminators.  I didn't want to do another casting run for only 15 - 20 bases, but I certainly didn't relish the idea of making matching bases from scratch.  Luckily, I saw that Jeff over at Dragon Forge Design carries a line of 40mm bases that pretty closely matches my theme:

...while I was there, I also picked up a sampler set of his Power Cables:

Some of these are a bit beefier than the guitar string that I've been using, and should be more useful for some vehicle & terrain projects I have in mind.

I also picked up some resin plinths:

I don't have anything in particular in mind for these yet, I just thought they'd be handy to have around.

Overall I'm really impressed with the quality of his stuff!

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