Friday, February 4, 2011

Forge World Goodies!

Got a package in the mail today:

Yay!  I've come to love packages with customs labels on them - it usually means that resin-y goodness that I've been waiting ages for has finally arrived.  Apparently this package gave them some trouble, though, because they saw fit to beat the living hell out of it:

...oh well, everything was in there & undamaged, so I guess I'll let it be.  So what's in it?

...some Black Templar Terminator shoulder pads:

Some Storm Shields (I'm really looking forward to building the Assault Terminators for this army):

...some brass etch:

...and some Black Templar icons:, the problem with the above icons is that the picture on the Forge World site shows them all trimmed & ready use:

...this implies to me that the pieces would be on a sprue, and with a little clipping would be ready to go.  That's not the case - the icons are just sculpted & cast as a slab:

...those aren't the paper-thin bits of resin that easily snap away surrounding the icons - they're a uniform thickness all the way through, which means I can't use these unless I painstakingly trim them out... as fun as that sounds, I may have to forgo using these as I planned, and just stick with the bitz from the chapter upgrade sprue & the etched brass...


  1. Have you thought about using sandpaper? I think sanding the whole surface uniformly it's a better idea than cutting the bits from the... resin palte? whatever.
    Even better if you have a sanding machine ;D

  2. Nesbet -

    I tried cutting out one of the shields (leaving some extra all the way around the edge) and using my files to remove the excess, but it wasn't really working out - I think it might be a possibility with the Templar crosses, since they are pretty much all straight edges, but I don't know if the shields & purity seals are worth the trouble...

  3. Yeah I know what you mean about the icons bits. I remember when I bought some Inquisitorial icons a while back and I have exactly the same problem. It was really hard to remove them from the solid slab of resin they were in, especially the smaller bits like purity seals. I used a combination of cutting with an X-Acto knife and sanding but it wasn't a fast or easy process :(

  4. If you're good with a hobby knife you can shave them off. It takes some practice, patients and a really sharp blade, but it can be done.

  5. It's hard to explain this...
    (for me, in english xD)


    X represents your bits, the S the slab of resin and SP the sandpaper.

    If you have an electric sanding machine, you can press the bit against the sandpaper and wait untill the slab is gone, just as when removing the flash from press-molded-greenstuff-made-bits.

    You can use a rhough sandpaper first, and when you begin not seeing the slab (looking over the bit), change for a more gently sandpaper.

    Sorry for my english, it's my third languagge!

    Cheers, Nesbet.