Monday, February 7, 2011

Scratchbuild: Deffrolla Mk. IV

Now that the fourth Battlewagon is finished, it's time to scratchbuild another Deffrolla.  This time I actually have better tools, as well as styrene tubing in various shapes & sizes (as opposed to making the foamcore-and-plasticard "sandwiches" that I resorted to for my first two Deffrollas).  So, hopefully this won't take long

Round styrene tubing was cut for the mounting points:

Large rectangular tubing was cut for the upper arms:

The mitre box sped things up considerably - I was able to just cut the tubing at a 45-degree angle, rather than having to "eyeball" it and trim it multiple times later.

I closed up the ends with some plasticard scraps:

...and trimmed them with my side cutters:

The upper arms were glued to the round tubing:

I cut some plasticard to close the ends of the 'rolla:

The lower arms were cut from some slightly smaller rectangular styrene tubing:

...and again closed with plasticard:

I cut some "notches" in the upper arms:

this allowed me to "seat" the lower arms with more surface-to-surface contact, making it stronger:

I again used one of these little wooden spools as a spacer to mount the barrel of the 'rolla to the arms:

I used a bit of styrene rod through the arms & barrel to add support:

I inserted toothpicks through the ends, to simulate spikes:

About this time, I decided the spot where the upper arms attached to the mounting points needed more support.  To remedy this, I cut some pieces of dowel rod:

Then I drilled a hole where the upper arms attach:

...and opened it up with my hobby knife:

Then I glued in the dowel rods:

Plasticard was cut into scraps, and glued to the barrel of the 'rolla to simulate armor plates:

Adding rivets:

Bits of guitar string were used to simulate hydraulic lines:

Spikey bits from a fantasy Chaos Marauders kit were added to the barrel:

Some Forge World brass glyphs were added to the lower arms as accents:


Only one more of these to build - I'm thinking I might make the last one much more elaborate.  Stay tuned!

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