Monday, April 11, 2011

More New Models!

After playing a game at my FLGS store the other day, I picked up a few new models:

Some Night Goblin Squig Hoppers:

...while these are neat, I didn't really need them per se - I just needed to buy something small, and anything with squigs is cool.  Y'see, my FLGS has a pretty nice "rewards program" where you earn a stamp on a card for every $15 you spend in the store - once you have a full card, you can turn it in for 30% off your next purchase.  I was only one stamp away from a full card, so once I bought the Squig Hoppers I was able to get this at a healthy discount:

...the third & final Land Raider Crusader for my Black Templars army.  I still have all three of these waiting for me in my "to do" pile, along with the Templar doors & ramps from the chapter conversion pack.  Some friends & I are planning a "build party" for the near future, I hope to knock them all out then...

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