Monday, May 23, 2011

Last Elite Nobz

I finished up the last of my Nob elites for my Freebootas:

(I'm particularly pleased with how the anchor-on-a-chain for a "counts-as" choppa came out on the far left).I went with yellow for the stripes & accents on this set, 'cause I felt that orange, green, or black would be too easily confused with the red & navy blue that I already to designate my other elite units - the only possible issue is that the yellow stripes might be kinda hard to see at tabletop distance, but the non-elite Nobz are going to be painted with dark brown pants, so it should be obvious which ones aren't elites.  Now I just have to finish 10 Nobz & a few independent characters, and all the single-figure models for my Freebootas will be finished...


  1. Your right that anchor on a chain is so bad ass.
    My favourite ones the dude with the peg leg haha.
    Great stuff mate.

  2. They look really nice mate well done. I love that peg leg looks so orky, and great job on that anchor.

    How's the base thing coming on? or are you still working on a few idea's to get the desired effect?

  3. Thanks guys. Dave - I'm still working on it, but I'm actually trying to paint a couple of models for competitions that have deadlines coming up, so I'm rushing to finish that. The blog actually has all it's posts written & scheduled through July, which is why you haven't seen anything about it pop up - I'll try to shoehorn a post about it it sometime in the next couple of weeks.

  4. Definitely digging the anchor and spear guy. I almost missed him but the one who is doing the Captain Hook impersonation is pretty sweet too.