Monday, May 16, 2011

More Freeboota Nobz

I got the next unit of Nobz for my Freebootas finished:

...pretty much the same deal as the last unit, except I used blue for the stripes on the pants instead of red.  I actually used a bottle of Vallejo Game Color since I didn't have any Citadel blues that I cared for - I think it was "Imperial Blue"?  It actually looked somewhat metallic when I applied it, but luckily the wash I used on the pants afterward toned it down quite a bit.  I guess I need to come up with a couple more colors for stripes - I'm using the stripes to denote my Elites, and red & blue were obvious.  I need something that's going to stand out easily from the other colors, but isn't going to get too "muddied up" by the wash I'm using to make the pants look natural - maybe GW Scorpion Green for the next set?


  1. I'm digging the blue stripes. I think the obvious choices for other colors would be green and yellow, and I would suggest purple as well. Probably a darker purple so it doesn't get confused with the blue but not so dark that it looks black. Anyway, that's just my 2 cents.

    The Game Color line is designed to replicate the Citadel colors so your Imperial Blue should be an almost exact match to it's corresponding Citadel color, Regal Blue. It's a good looking color and I think it works very well on your nobs.

  2. I agree with Chaosheade, the blue stripes are pretty cool. The wood planks and pirate accessories finish the concept nicely. Seems like you've been working on this Army for awhile -- maybe time for a showcase gallery?

    Keep us posted. Still loving the washes I made from you tutorial, by the way!

    Warhammer Armies

  3. Thanks guys. Steve - I'm hoping to get this army done in time for the summer conventions. You can see everything that's done so far by clicking on the "Freebootas" tag at the bottom of the post. When I'm done I plan on making a display board, and I'll definitely do a showcase!