Friday, May 13, 2011

Ork Deff Dread

Finished painting a Deff Dread the other day:

A pretty basic job - this is one of the models I got in the Craigslist lot, and I'm not even that sure it's going to be used in my list, so it mostly served as a color test.  I do like the way that the GW Sunburst Yellow works overtop of the Foundation Mechrite Red.  I also played around a tiny bit with the Forge World weathering powders on the exhaust & gun barrel, not enough to develop a technique or anything, I just wanted to try them.  The other main thing I was experimenting with was that this model was primed with GW's Chaos Black spray - I'm planning on basing a lot of vehicles with this, and wanted to give it a test run.  Overall, I'm pretty pleased - I was worried about it being too fragile, as it's not a "proper" primer ("real" primer is actually a mix of paint + liquid adhesive, the GW spray is just paint).  It was a bit more susceptible to scratches, but I'm pretty gentle on my models when I'm painting & generous with the matte coat, so it should be okay...


  1. That's a cracking effort mate, nice to see you are now starting to try diffrent techniques. Chaos Black spray paint is good as long as you take care with your models as you have already stated. I always use GW spray paint's to base and never really had any problems.

    What I will say is if you are going to start using weathering powders use the MIG ones. You can get these from any good model shop plus they do a larger selection of colours. I have found that the Forgeworld ones are not that good limited in choice and more expensive than the MIG for a smaller pot.

    If you want any tip's on how to best use the weathering powders then let me know and I will do a blog post on how best to accomplish a good technique.

    I would say use it in your Army list as it will give your orks a bit of punch, and will also draw enemy fire thus letting your troops survive longer and doing more damage in hand to hand.

    Love what you are doing keep going mate.

  2. Dave -

    The MiG powders are actually kind of hard to find here in the states - I picked up the complete set of Forge World powders at Adepticon, so that's what I've got to work with right now. I'd love to see a blog post about using the powders, especially about using a fixative with them - I recently used some on a Warmachine model, and when I sprayed it with matte varnish, it caused some of the powder to blow away and settle on other parts of my model, dirtying it up... :-/

  3. Looks good. I always like to test paint models when I work with new products or techniques. I have used the MiG powders in the past and had to be careful with the varnish. I gave my models very lite coats and let them dry in between coats. I also made sure to keep about 6 inches away.

    Have you considered giving the model a brown wash? I like to wash my Orks, makes them look dirty and provides a natural highlight.

    Good Luck

  4. Da Green Skins -

    Yeah, I'll definitely go easier with the varnish next time - the tutorial on the Forge World site says you can use mineral spirits to help fix the pigment, I might give that a try too. I showed the Warmachine model to a friend tonight and the first thing they complimented me on was the soot on the smokestacks, so I must have done something right :-)

    I may try a bit of brown wash on some of the vehicles I have coming up, but I'm not going for too much of a "grimy" look for the Freebootas.