Monday, June 20, 2011

Khador Widowmakers I FINALLY got some Widowmakers for my Khador force:

These things have proven to be rarer than the proverbial hen's teeth - I checked every store in the area multiple times with no luck, as well as most of the bigger online retailers.  There were a few listings on eBay, but none of them consisted of a complete unit, and they were outrageously expensive.  I finally found a seller on Amazon that was selling them for roughly MSRP.

I know Privateer Press is going to be re-releasing a lot of their models in plastic in the near future, but I must say I'm getting a bit spoiled by their metals - they look great, and they're usually cast as one piece.  I just had to "de-tab" them since I'm mounting them on custom bases:

tabs removed

Feet cleaned up w/ files & de-flashed

Cork was cut for the bases...

Pins mounted

Sand applied to bases

...and these guys are mounted & ready to be primed!

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