Friday, June 17, 2011

Battle Report: Khador vs. Retribution lars4life & I had an afternoon to kill, so we got together for a quick game of Warmachine - my Khador vs. his Retribution of Scyrah:

(Yes, this was a pretty ghetto-tastic game as far as models & terrain was concerned - we're both pretty new to Warmachine, so nothing is really painted to completion yet, and this was a a quick learning game, so we didn't drag out any battlemats or terrain).

We both threw together a 25-point list (which took almost all of our models).  Lars4life was excited to play with a couple new choices, and this was only the second time I'd ever played, the first being when we were at Adepticon.  Oddly enough, this game had the same "feel" to it - I was confused and struggled to keep everything straight at first, but by the end I was having quite a bit of fun.  I played Karchev as my 'caster (even though I screwed up and used the Butcher model - I didn't realize I'd grabbed the wrong card until halfway through the game).  I pretty much ran everything into melee as quickly as I could, since that's what Khador is about (plus I don't really have any ranged units yet, except for the bomard cannon on my Destroyer warjack - I've got Widowmakers coming in the mail, and I'm still looking for a Mortar Crew).  Lars4life pointed out that even though Karchev's stats read like a 'jack, it's probably not the best idea to fully invest him in hand-to-hand like I did:

It eventually turned into a huge rugby scrum, and lars4life took out my Warcaster in turn four.  I learned that the Mage Hunter Assassin is nasty, and I really have to make better use of my Man-O-War Shock Troopers - I pretty much threw them in there to fill out the list and took my sweet time getting them across the board, but it turns out they're tough as nails and really effective...